Vocational Rehabilitation


Loves Lighthouse Prayer Ministries, LLC, Inc. vocational rehabilitation is offered first to those who are committed to becoming gainfully employed.  Finding the right vocation can be challenging, you have been given the essentials of what an employer possibly is looking for in a potential job candidate.  We want you to know that on this journey of discovery being placed where you can develop in your career path of your choice, of course matched with your skills  always creates a solid foundation to build on andalso increases one’s self-esteem. This can be done by choosing an industry where you can develop, it is that organization’s responsibility.  Our responsibility is to get you to become employable in an industry that provides you with that opportunity.  In the interview process one of the most important questions you can ask is “Does this organization provide career advancement and what procedures do I take to advance?  How long must I stay in one position  and how long after the probation period is there a waiting period to advance?  Our focus is to get you to become financial independent and give you the necessary tools to take along with you on your journey anywhere you go.  Growth can be substantial as the employee’s objectives, goals or desires are met then the organization’s productivity increases as well.  A win-win situation for all parties because you have job satisfaction and then the  employer benefits too.  The mind set of working after years of being unemployed have to shift and for those who are employed and intending to move higher paying jobs have to shift too.  How do I do that?  Doing it by keeping current of the job market trends, education, technology, staying informed of my current employer’s opportunities and training. Constantly affirming myself with the “I can” mentality.