Vocational Rehabilitation Tips for interviewing

Welcome Participants,

Employers look for certain attributes in potential employees.  Our job is to have you fully equipped and prepared for the interview.  Please update resume and cover letters should have some of the company’s history  prior to the interview.  Always research the company and know its vision, mission and historical background make sure the interview is  interactive.  Ask question when the interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions?”  Questions like, benefits and job advancement within the company, training that require certifications annually for advancement, educational assistance.  Here are some other basics:

  • Research the position requirements, know it thoroughly, research it online
  • Once hired know who is your supervisors are some use one supervisor approach; however, always ask to ensure that you are performing the task according to who is in charge.
  • Always practice integrity meaning truthful about your skills and knowledge of that particular position.
  • Organize past accomplishments. For example, if you are one those may just be entering the job work force then always say.  I am a Homemaker, and include organizational skills, time management, great problem solver as an accomplishment.  Remember parenting is an honorable job.
  • Some interviewers may ask how did you feel about that?  Or did you receive any recognition?  Believe it or not it indicates to the employer that  you might need recognition  to be more productive.  Especially in selling markets.
  • Be prepared for these questions “Are you a team-player?” “How do you handle conflict?”

Once you pass the first interview be prepared for more in-depth questions and even more interviewers, knowing minimizes nervousness.  These tips should leave a positive impression, allow them to see your personality along with your assets and it is no telling how far you will go.