Daily Prayer List

Living in the world today there are catastrophic conflicts in different regions of world.  Loves Lighthouse Prayer Ministries is dedicated as a prayer vehicle to go before the throne of grace and mercy to make our world issues become resolved through believing and acting on the word of God.  Here’s a list that everyday we pray for:

  1.    God and her family members
  2.    Loves Lighthouse Prayer Ministries 3 million dollar building fund
  3.    God’s people will maintain morals values of the highest standard
  4.    Prayer for justice and equality and eliminating racial profiling and stereotyping
  5.    Safety for protesters and officers all across our country fighting for the Bible
  6.    Families who are grieving
  7.    Prayer for five families who lost loved ones in Georgia
  8.    Three who were killed in the  Cuajimalpa Maternal Hospital, 73 wounded.
  9.     Comfort for the Goto family who has been victimized by ISIS.
  10.     Comfort for the possible four Americans killed by ISIS.
  11.     The one dead and eight wounded in subway derailment in DC
  12.    Prayer for Teen / Gun violence to cease in the universe
  13.    Peaceful resolutions in Ferguson
  14.    College Students
  15.    The United States Government to uphold justice, liberty and equality
  16.    United States Armed Forces active duty / dependents / veterans
  17.    Pray against any Terror attacks in the US and other Nations
  18.    President Barack Obama and family
  19.    Vice President Joe Biden and family
  20.    Governor Deal and family
  21.   Mayor Baskett of Decatur, GA
  22.   Lee May CEO of DeKalb, GA
  23.   Prayer for our community organizers and outreach ministries
  24.   Peaceful conflict resolutions in Syria and surroundings Middle Eastern Region
  25.   Prayer for Europe
  26.   Prayer that the missing Chief of Staff in Yemen is safely found
  27.   Egypt, Jerusalem, Turkey and Israel to have peaceful resolutions.
  28.   Peace in Nigeria
  29.   Pray for 40 young men and boys abducted in Nigeria
  30.   Prayer for 12 families in France who suffered lost during the tragedy
  31.   Safe return of the 2,900 soldiers in Iraq and their general well-being
  32.   Safe return for Dobbins AFB Command
  33.   Soldiers in Afghanistan
  34.   God’s Cities to be rebuilt from war
  35.   World Leaders to collaborate peaceful in serving humankind
  36.   The Ebola outbreak to cease
  37.   The Enteriovirus to cease
  38.   Vaccines
  39.   Healing (physical, mental, financial and spiritual)
  40.   Healing for Christina
  41.   Prosperity for Loves Lighthouse Prayer Ministry
  42.   Loves Lighthouse  Prayer Ministries vision
  43.   Vision
  44.   Clergy and their congregations
  45.   Those who are on everyone’s sick/ shut in prayer lists
  46.   Youth Ministries
  47.   Marriages
  48.   Dalton for multivisceral transplant and ultimately healing
  49.   Salvation

 Psalms  122

“I was glad when said unto me, Let us go into the house of Jehovah. Your feet shall stand within your gates, O Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is built like a city that is joined to itself, together.  There the tribes of Jehovah:  to the testimony of Israel:  to give thanks to the name Jehovah.  For the thrones of judgment were established there  the thrones of the house of David.  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:  those love you shall prosper.  Peace be within your walls:  prosperity in your towers. Because of my brothers and my companions, I will now say, Peace be in you.  Because of the house of Jehovah our God. I will seek your good.”

3 thoughts on “Daily Prayer List

  1. Timia Overby

    Good Morning,
    What a beautiful day it is to be awaken with Jesus love all around. To be able to wake up and care for yourself is a blessing in its self. To be able to exude positivity in the way you speak, act and think is a blessing only from The Lord. The alpha and Omega, The beginning and the end. Lord, I ask and pray that each individual who woke up this morning feeling under the weather be healed in your PRECIOUS NAME! To everybody who has no warm home, or coat or shoes to wear in this breezy weather be blessed beyond measures. I also pray for the victim Family, where the teen was found killed behind a church building to be uplifted in your spirit Lord, you are the protector no evil doings will conspire who believes in you and put you first. (2Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.) I also pray that everybody who hasn’t found the love and Faithfulness in you Lord, seek you fast and believe. Lord we need you more than ever. You will always remain faithful. The enemy is running rapid and trying to destroy your earth Lord, trying to take control over our minds body and soul Lord, but all the believers will be protected and healed of any negativity. Lord I love you, and thank you for all you have done.


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