Pagan Gods in this day


In our communities today the secular and religious communities are affected and stifling their spiritual growth as one has a false but real to them sense of power and the followers are being bamboozled. in this century we see some of the promises fulfilled in the government as we know that God is a just God but the evil one is deceptive. This morning I was given a revelation as the website has provided many warnings to our business and ministries on our spiritual foundation in the last two years of sexual provision and sexual immorality.  Those warnings were from the heavenly Lord, King Jesus himself.  Look at the violence and sexual sin that occurs in our retail businesses, how our members of society are bombarded by so many negative messages from racial slurs, profiling, discriminative, degrading vices of evil powers in entities that we have come accustom to and even pay our hard earned wages for their goods.  Punishing gods even soliciting the God to resort to the same measures.  Violence, Pickett lines law enforcement officers’ families affected what have we done? Since the Lord’s first warning given to me on October 13, 2014 we have all had to turn a deaf ear and looked the other way to get to this point.  In Acts chapter 17 the Apostle Paul in Apollonia is having a discussion for three consecutive Sabbaths about the crucifixion, death and resurrection of the Messiah and to prove God’s omnipotence because the Lord did not resurrect himself.  My question for you is what idol have you chosen to take place or caused a distraction away from the Messiah and God?  Drive with an intentional assignment of people watching and notice the racy and fear on their faces perhaps mostly the religious community then look at the hate and greed that still crucifies Jesus.  Not only Jesus but  his sheep too which is all of human mankind.  Women held captive, some Christian tormented and killed more now than ever. The conversation would to have had to been evoked by an appearance from the Messiah mysteriously is what would have made them want to make a Jesus we find in these scriptures, ” expounding and demonstrating that the Messiah had to suffer and rise from the dead, and that.  This is the Messiah, Jesus, whom I proclaim to you.” Some of them were convinced and joined Paul and Silas; so, too, a great number Greeks who were worshippers, a  few prominent women.  But the Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square, formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil.  They marched on the house of Jason, intending to bring them before the people’s assembly.  When they could not find them.  They dragged Jason and some of the brothers before the city magistrates, shouting, “These people  who have been creating a disturbance all over the world have now come here, and Jason has welcomed them.  They all act in opposition to the decrees of Caesar and claim instead  that there is another king, Jesus (Acts 17. 3-7).”  These conversations sent a inquisitiveness throughout Thessalonica.  Make sure that our conversations are persuasive for others to become more ethical in their decision making.  I have been tempted just like others and have not yield and it is because first my love for God and the Lord, building the spiritual man/ woman equips us for the tests.  Note the fore a mentioned that the Jews were not easily persuaded but because of Paul’s debates in the synagogues in which you can further read eventually many did come to believe. That belief can be applicable for those who may have absolute way of thinking or an unacceptable ethic base to change.  The teachings of the Gospel teaches us that we can use these very same principles in our everyday living.  I want you to know that you can change from your evil ways. Historically Theodicy is plainly seen here in the Acts 17 passage, which is described as commotion. This passage offers to see how others began to want to prove other religions; however, the word of God and the teaching of Jesus prevails.

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